Cross-platform mobile app development for iOS, SailfishOS and Android with Qt/QML

A few weeks ago, our cross-platform Qt-based version of the Berlin-Vegan guide for SailfishOS and iOS made its debut on the Apple App Store. In this blog post, I would like to share our experience with developing a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and SailfishOS with Qt.

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How to root the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-i9100) with GNU/Linux or Mac OSX using the FOSS tool heimdall

There are thousands of reports on the internet already explaining how the new and shiny Samsung Galaxy SGII Android smartphone can be rooted. But most of them suggest using »Odin«, which is a leaked internal tool from Samsung and which is included in many Samsung firmware packages you can find on the world wild web. Unfortunately, Odin is only available for Microsoft Windows.

For this reason, I put a short guide here, which explains how to root the Samsung Galaxy SGII with GNU/Linux using the FOSS tool heimdall (heimdall and this guide work on Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows, as well).

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